Paisley’s Role In The Punk Revolution, Part 2

Paisley’s Role In The Punk Revolution, Part 2

In this, the 2nd part of our blog on Paisley’s punk revolution, friend of the team and contributing blogger, Neil McLean, concludes his thoughts and experiences (and once again opens his extensive photographic and memorabilia collection) about this pivotal time in Paisleys music (and cultural) history.

Some amazing experiences, memories and images here provided by Neil. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Paisley Punk Scene, Part 2, by NNE contributor Neil McLean.

As 77′ was coming to an end, the Silver Thread had now stopped doing the gigs, due to the [Glasgow] ban being lifted, with Punk bands now playing the major City venues, but by this time the Paisley punk scene was hurtling along at full speed.

Groups like XS Discharge, The Mentol Errors and The Mod Cons started to play places like the TUC club in Paisley (a lad called Tommy Kays from the Socialist Workers Party, and later the RAR, setting this up).

This culminated in a 7″ EP being brought out called “Spectacular Commodity” represented by the local [Paisley] talent.

Groups were beginning to tour as well,  like Gerry Roddens Fire Exit (still going strong to this day!) Bands started to play outdoors in Ferguslie Park, resulting in a brilliant day out (although the Police didn’t find it quite so much fun!)

Paisley venues, The George Hotel, The Swan and The Abercorn began to accommodate the Punk and New Wave scene,  due to more groups sprouting up, like The Fegs, Stilettoes, Urban Enemy, Interzone and Fine Lines etc.

The place to be in Paisley at this time really was ” The Bungalow Bar”(now re-opened in Shuttle Street in honour of the original, which was located at the bottom of Renfrew Road).

A maestro, by the name of Louden Temple, saw what was going on beforehand and opened the doors of [The Bungalow] to some of the most incredible bands coming out at the time.

Not only was [The Bungalow] a haven for the local Punks, and the infamous Sat afternoon jamming sessions, (where punks and Eric Cuthbertsons Hoochie Coochie band would mix and jam together), it became, at night time,  home to a who’s who of the top Punk & New Wave groups of that period.

The list [of artiste and bands playing The Bungalow] was endless. The Skids, Phsycedelic Furs, Tourists,Associates, Altered Images, Chelsea, The Fegs, Paul Young, Slaughter and the Dogs, Spizz Oil/80′, Photos, Orange Juice, Echo and the Bunnymen, Positive Noise, Fine Lines, Interzone, Modettes, Revillos, Cockney Rejects, Eric Cuthbertson, Aztec Camera, The Fall, Primal Scream, Teardrops Explode, Ottway &  Barrett, Freeze, The Zips and Belle Stars –  to name but a few!

It was a hotbed of talent. We were all regulars and the great thing was you could mix with the group which added to the atmosphere.Apart from the odd fight, there was hardly any violence at these gigs which was quite surprising as kids came from all over the country to watch these bands perform at The Bungalow.

The Paisley punk/New Wave scene was thriving and this would continue through to the early 1980’s.

All in all to this day Paisley has always been a great town for pub bands, but I for one will always have a hot spot for this era, where else apart from London would you be able to see groups like this every night for a couple of pounds?

About The Bungalow Bar 

The original Bungalow Bar was at the bottom of Renfrew Road. It later became the Stags Head pub and it is now La Rambla Tapas Bar & Restaurant.

In 2008,  The Bungalow Bar was brought back to life and currently resides in the Towns Shuttle Street.

We have an upcoming blog on the new Bungalow Bar, so please keep an eye out for this over coming weeks as it is an excellent read.

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